Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you guys by appointment only?

  • We are by appointment only to ensure the best customer service for each individual.  We are working stiffs like everyone else with careers. In the future we hope to change this but until then, we will continue to work our careers during the day and run this company in the “off hours”.

Can you ship my gun to another state?

  • Yes we can. When shipping a firearm to another state, we need a valid copy of a recieving FFL. Please send a copy to sales@foundingfathersguns.com

Why is the “Shop” on a different website?

  • We use Shop.FoundingFathersGuns.com to list EVERY product available for you to purchase through us. Thats a lot of stuff. The web store also has a program built into the back end that tracks inventory and allows us to immediately order whatever we need for you guys without having to ever log into our distributor’s websites or call one of our reps. If we were to put everything under one website/server, we’d run the risk of having constant issues like slow downs and crashes.

Why does it say “Sorry, we don’t currently offer this product.” when I click a product listed on the products page?

  • That means we are currently out of stock for that product and so are our distributors.

What are our store policies?

Can you transfer a handgun not on the MA approved handgun roster to a MA resident?

  • No, to do so would result in fines that we don’t wish to have placed on us. 

Do you allow for products to be held so I can buy it later?

  • We do not hold anything without either full payment for the item(s) or a signed layaway agreement. No exceptions.

Why do you have two of the same guns listed but the one under consignment is a different price?

  • People who decide to consign their guns to us have complete control over what price the gun will be listed for. We assist when we can but in the end, we don’t determine the listing price.

Do you offer firearm classes?

  • View our training page here

Can you ship magazines to me?

  • Yes we can, but we must adhere to the restrictions put in place by State and Local Governments. Please review the following list before ordering magazines. Send any necessary documents to sales@foundingfathersguns.com
  1. California- No mags over 10 rounds
  2. Chicago and Cook County, Illinois- No mags over 10 rounds.
  3. Aurora, Illinois- No mags over 15 rounds.
  4. Connecticut- No mags over 10 rounds. Must provide a copy of driver’s license and ONE of the following: state handgun carry permit, long gun certificate, or ammunition certificate.
  5. District of Columbia- No mags over 10 rounds.
  6. Hawaii- No mags over 10 rounds
  7. Maryland-No mags over 10 rounnds.
  8. Massachusetts- No mags over 10 rounds unless made prior to 1994 (pre ban). Copy of LTC required to purchase pre ban mags.
  9. New Jersey- No mags over 10 rounds
  10. New York- No mags over 10 rounds
  11. Vermont- No rifle mags over 10 rounds, No pistol mags over 15 rounds.

Do you ship ammunition?

  • Yes, we can ship ammunition to most states and cities. Some places do however have laws and regulations in place which either require further documentation or prohibt ammunition sales entirely. Please see the list below.
  • Before ordering any ammo, please email us a copy of 1 of the required documents if applicable to sales@foundingfathersguns.com 
  1. California- Requires FFL or Ammunition Vendors License (address must match Ammunition Vendors License)
  2. Connecticut- Government-Issued I.D. Along with ONE of the following. Ammunition Eligibility Certificate, Pistol Eligibility Certificate, Long Gun Eligibility Certificate, Permit to sell a Pistol or Revolver at Retail, Concealed Carry Permit, or FFL
  3. Illinois- FOID/CCL with State ID or FFL
  4. Massachusetts- LTC/FID or FFL
  5. New Jersey- Firearms Purchase ID, Permit to Purchase a Handgun,Permit to Carry a Handgun, or FFL
  6. New York- Seller of Ammunition Certificate or FFL.

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